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Origin of "Beagle" or "English Beagle" dates back to 1500s, they are known to have been specially bred to be used as rabbit-hunting dogs in England. The word "Beagle" owes its existence to a French word "be'gueule" which means "gape throat," referring to the characteristic bark that is musical and almost sounds like a little howl.


A male Beagle has a shoulder height of about 34 - 41 cm (13 - 16 inches) and weighs 10 - 11 kg while females can grow up to 33 - 38cm (12.5 - 15 inches) and weigh around 9 - 10 kg. beagles have characteristic round droopy ears, square muzzle, cheerful tails and round feet.


The Beagle has a shorthaired coat that is easy to take care of. It may be brown, black or white coloured. A combination of white and yellow colour or brown and white colour is the most common among the beagles.


Beagles are friendly to dogs and children as well as strangers. Bred as a pack dog, the Beagle thrives on companionship with humans and other pets, especially other Beagles.


Beagles are cutest when puppies and they grow up into merry and playful adults. They are pack animals right to the core, so they are friendly and safe to have around children. Beagles are a very eager sociable, cheerful and energetic breed and exhibit a playful character.


You should clean them regularly with a firm bristle brush. You can also use a mild soap to bathe them when necessary. You should also make it a point to check its ears and nails regularly. Although Beagles are very healthy, they are susceptible to some diseases like epilepsy and back problems.


Although beagles are very attentive determined and watchful, they are independent and like to have it in their own way. So they need might require a firm obedience training.