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Chow Chow

Although the origins of the Chow Chow are unknown, this has been known to inhabit China for a very long time. Evidences of its existence have been found to exist around 2nd century BC. The breed might be closely related to Chinese Char - Pei and has been used by Chinese for hunting wolves, herding and even for meat. The dog was introduced to England in the late 1700s or early 1800s by traders and derives its name from the English word "chow - chow" which is a generalized term for all eastern curiosities.


Chow Chow can reach to a shoulder height of 19 – 23 inches, and weighs about 19-32 kg. Chow Chows are a stocky breed; they have a well built frame with a large skull size and a broad muzzle. The distinguishing feature of Chow Chows is the blue black tongues and a mane like ruff behind their heads.


Chow Chows may have long straight coats or short smooth coats, both coats are very dense and since they are heavy shedders they require an adequate care.


Chow Chows are obedient and well mannered dogs and are usually nice with children. Chow Chows when introduced to other household pets early in life do not have any problems in accommodating with them. Although they have a dominating trait, they can hardly said to be aggressive.


Chow Chows are calm, vigilant and obedient but have a dominating character, so they need a strict owner to keep them well rounded. They are excellent watch dogs and very cautious with strangers.


Since Chow Chows are heavy shedders, care of the coat is very important and they need to be brushed regularly. Chow Chows are highly vulnerable to the diseases like elbow dysplasia, knee and hip problems.


Chow Chows are quick learners but they are very independent by nature, so good obedience training may be required to keep them inline.