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The changes brought in through natural breeding and interbreeding in response to the changing habitat and environment in the subspecies of Canis lupus familiaris are generally referred as dog breed. This process of breeding has little or almost nil human intervention.

The dog breeds that now we popularly refer to are different from what its scientific or biological classifications could be. We are more concerned about the lineage of the pet we want to own. And this chain of lineage, if maintained is found only with clubs and other hobbyist who loved dogs and considered them to be the man’s best friend.

The book of records with mention of the lineage of the dogs with documented proof of the same are called the stud books. And these books have been a major source of classification of some of the popular dog breeds that are most sought after as pets. Though, a genetic consideration of any dog could invariably lay open its true lineage, but we consider, shape, size, color and other physical and temperamental characteristics as major indicators of any dog breed. At Jagpal Kennel, we focus on both characteristic as well as biological indicators to determine the pedigree of the pet dog.