Buy Pet Puppy Pug in Delhi


Pug is believed to be one of the oldest known breeds, its origin can be traced back to around 400 BC. There is a difference of opinion regarding the origin of pug, some people consider it to be a cross of a small bulldog and others speculate that it may be related to short haired Pekingese while still others consider it to be a descendent of French Mastiff. In any case this breed derives its name from the Latin 'Pug' or the Old English ‘Pugg’ which literally means a 'playful little monkey'.


Pug is noted for its large watery eyes set in a spherical head and a small square shaped blunt muzzle which bears deep wrinkles. It is very thick set, stocky and small dog. The height of a male Pug can range from 30 - 35 cm (12 - 14 inches) with a weight of 6 - 9 kg while the females are around 25 - 30 cm (10 - 12 inches) high and weigh around 5 - 8 kg.


The Pug has a short haired coat which is smooth and glossy, all of them have a black mask. The colour of the coat ranges from apricot to black, silver or fawn. Pugs are average shedders, but continue to lose all year round.


Pugs are keen, playful and loving, they get along well with children and other household pets. They have a high socialization requirement to remain happy.


Pugs are sociable, intelligent and lively, they are highly devoted to their households. They are excellent watchdogs and exhibit a strong loyalty towards their owner.


Pugs are irritated by extreme temperature shifts and can’t withstand hot or cold weather. Short snot makes them more susceptible to breathing difficulties.


They are usually very obedient and hardly require any training. Pugs are very sensitive to their master's voice and you must be gentle with them.